Empowering, Educating & Uplifting Women


…"Many women talked about needing a supportive and motivating environment, a place to meet like-minded women and have fun while learning. What they didn't want was years of training, dealing with too much testosterone and  inflated egos, to be checked out, or to get hurt during training. Overall, they want a system that works with their strengths, a program that works for them."…

~ Jennifer Brown, Warrior Women Founder & Director. 

Hello You – a very warm welcome to Warrior Women!

We are a division of Elite Defence Academy International. South Africa’s largest self-defence training organization. Presented through fun and interactive workshops, our women trainers cater solely to women, providing flexible and private options for learning Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga self-defence. 

Being women, naturally, we teach smart, simple and effective self-defence techniques, with a strong focus on awareness and avoidance. Warrior Women are not about learning to take a hit in a stand-up fight. Instead, we teach women to use their brains, a few well-aimed strikes at soft targets, and some seriously smart and effective techniques to extricate themselves, and their loved ones, from bad situations. 

Yay, now you can stop worrying that we want to put you in the UFC Octagon.

Our purpose is to empower and uplift women. 

To remove the victim mentality by strengthening their belief in themselves, because we truly believe every woman has deep reserves of strength within her. 

Often the women that are in most need of self-defence are the ones we struggle to reach. We are addressing this dilemma by teaming up with other organisations, like SA Women Fight Back, Lesedi Community Centres and SANCA. Collectively, we can provide greater access to, and awareness of, women-based self-defence. These amazing collaborations are initiated by our trainers, and we applaud these ladies creative problem-solving. 

Each recruit is stringently vetted and put through her paces by Jennifer and our amazing team of trainers, we’re all very passionate and strong-willed. Using our unique strengths, training and life experiences - we bring our Warrior Women workshops to life and create a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. 

We are dedicated to providing the best self-defence training available to women. Each Trainer attends on-going Krav Maga classes and continuously demonstrates her commitment to improving her self-defence skill set.

EDA has a 15-year track record of producing strong, well-rounded women, ready to handle difficult situations with calm and rational decision making. The EDA training system proves women are not the weaker sex but instead intelligent and willful human beings with endless potential. 

Currently, we have Warrior Women Trainers in  areas of South Africa, Namibia, and Australia.While we're proud to have a presence in each of these locations, we do have plans to expand the Warrior Women offering all over the world. If you have what it takes to join us, and become a Warrior Women Trainer, please see our 'Become A Trainer' page for more info.

Annually, Elite Defence Academy sponsors the Warrior Women Scholarship, awarded to a dynamic, smart, woman who has what it takes, but needs a little help. The Scholarship fund provides her with a year's worth of EDA Krav Maga Club training and the Warrior Women Trainer course. The successful applicant is given every opportunity to run a successful Warrior Women branch from their chosen location around the world.

We invite you to explore our site further, to investigate the different Workshop options and to find your closest Warrior Women Trainer.  You're also very welcome to contact us to book a workshop or find out more.

We invite you to follow your Warrior Women Trainers on Facebook and Instagram and be the first to see behind the scene videos and photographs from recent events, notices on upcoming workshops, local meet-ups, and online Q&A sessions.